Koenigsegg Automotive AB

23 lediga jobb

Koenigsegg is a Swedish avante-garde Megarcar and innovative technology company. A record-breaking tradition courses through our history – the result of pushing the boundaries of automotive technology to achieve higher standards in ultimate performance.

The extreme power and aerodynamic design of our cars are all globally homologated. Our customer-first approach is a driving factor to comply with all global safety, emissions, and noise regulations despite our bespoke and low volume production.

We are situated in the quiet town of Ängelholm, Sweden and occupy revamped hangers that were formerly home to the oldest and most legendary Swedish fighter jet squadrons, from back in the 1930’s – the Ghost Squadron. They had a mantra, ‘The Show Must Go On’ which we have adopted, to allow the ghost to live on through our cars. It continues to inspire the company to this day.

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